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What color is the best Epoxy glass fiber tube?

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What color is the best Epoxy glass fiber tube?

    There are many types of epoxy glass fiber tube production colors, such as purple, yellow, black, green,blue, gray, orange, red, brown, etc. can be produced through customization. So many colors to choose, which color ring Oxygen glass fiber tube is the best to use. What is the best performance?


Epoxy fiberglass tube


Epoxy fiberglass tube


Epoxy fiberglass tube

    Regarding the whole issue, Zhejiang Yingtai Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. told everyone that the quality of epoxy glassfiber tube has nothing to do with the color. The color is to match the environment and aesthetics of the product.

    If you personally like red, because red looks festive, you contact us to customize. The epoxy glass fiber tube products we produce are red. Some people have military career and like military green, then we can also make Army green, in short, the quality of epoxy fiberglass tubes is the same regardless of the color. Its insulation and temperature resistance grades are B, H, C and other specifications can be customized processing production, diameter production products according to customer requirements, small tube wall thickness ≥ 1mm, large tube wall thickness ≥ 3mm, super large diameter Insulation tube wall thickness ≥ 5mm can be customized. The length can be arbitrarily cut as required. The high-quality raw materials of composite hollow sleeves are used in the manufacture of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage SF6 high-voltage electrical appliances and current transformers.




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