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Yt600 FR4 Tube

Yt600 FR4 Tube

  • Yt600 FR4 Tube
  • FR4 Tube

Zhejiang Yingtai Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer mainly producing epoxy glass fiber winding pipes. It has a complete set of manufacturing process line equipment and machinery. Our products are all customized products. Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. Various types of epoxy glass fiber wound pipe.

   Epoxy glass fiber winding pipe is made by uninterrupted fiber wet winding. It is specially developed for high-voltage electrical equipment structural components such as reactors, arresters, fuses, transformers, on-load tap-changers, and transformers. The product performance parameters meet IEC standards Requirements, the product is leading in China.

Yt600 FR4 Tube

Basic parameters:

1: winding angle, 45 ~ 65 (the winding angle can be adjusted according to different requirements to achieve better mechanical performance requirements);

2: fiber content (weight ratio), 70 to 75%;

3: density, 2.00 g / cm3;

4: water absorption, less than 0.03%;

5: Axial thermal expansion coefficient, 1.8 E-05 1 / K;

6: Glass transition temperature, 110 ~ 120 ℃;

7: Chemical resistance Mineral oil: Excellent;

8: solvent and dilute acid: excellent;

9: tensile elastic modulus, 14000 MPa in the axial direction;

10: tensile strength; axial 280 MPa; hoop 600 MPa;

11: Shear strength: 150 MPa;

12: Bending strength: 350 MPa in the axial direction;

13: Compressive strength: 240 MPa in the axial direction;

14: relative dielectric constant 2-3.2;

15: Dielectric loss factor 0.003-0.015;

16: partial discharge ≤5;

17: Insulation strength: 3 to 6 kV in the axial direction; 10 to 12 kV in the radial direction;

18: Lightning shock: 110 KV

19: Power frequency shock: 50 KV;

20: Heat-resistant grade: B, F, H

21: inner diameter> 5mm; outer diameter <300mm; length <2000mm.

    The above data is for reference only. The bushing parameters we produce are customized for each customer's needs.

    Our products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, Europe, Russia and other countries.

     Our characteristics: According to your requirements, we can design a variety of mechanical properties, heat resistance requirements, corrosion resistance levels, color requirements, turning processing (threads / holes / slots, etc.), various inner and outer surface smooth insulation sleeves!




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