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What is epoxy tube

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 What is epoxy tube

       The epoxy resin tube is impregnated with epoxy resin by electric alkali-free glass fiber cloth, and the cross-section of the glass cloth rod with high mechanical properties is presented after baking, molding, and hot-pressing in the forming mold. Dielectric properties and good machinability.

Epoxy tube

        It is suitable for use as insulation structural parts in electrical equipment, and is used under ambient conditions and in transformer oil.

There are 4 levels of heat resistance classification

1.Class B (130 degrees)

2.F-class (155 degrees)

3.Class H (180 degrees)

4.Class C (above 180 degrees)

          Epoxy tube appearance: The surface should be flat and smooth, free of air bubbles, oil stains and impurities. Color unevenness, abrasion, and slight unevenness in height, which do not hinder the use, are allowed at both ends or sections of epoxy resin tubes with a wall thickness of more than 3mm There are cracks that do not hinder use.

      The manufacturing process of epoxy resin tubes can be divided into 4 types: wet coil, dry coil, extrusion, and wire winding.

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