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Difference between fiber wound tube and ordinary metal tube

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Difference between fiber wound tube and ordinary metal tube

      Compared with traditional metal pipes, fiber-wound pipes are more likely to be corroded, or costly, or heavy, which can cause bending deformation and affect service life. Fiber-wound pipes have a longer service life.

      The fiber winding tube adopts a composite material, which is a new material formed by combining two or more heterogeneous and heterogeneous materials.

      In addition to retaining the main characteristics of the original component material, it can also obtain new excellent properties that the original component material does not have through the composite effect.

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      1. Composite materials have been widely used in chemical, aviation, drainage, petroleum and other major fields. Fiber-wound composite pipes have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high specific strength, high elastic modulus, light weight, and strong designability. For thin-walled cylinders, the ratio of hoop stress to longitudinal stress is approximately 2: 1.

     2. If a homogeneous material such as a metal pipeline is used, the longitudinal strength is richer under the condition of meeting the hoop strength, and the pipeline reinforced by fiber winding can achieve the hoop and longitudinal strength by changing the winding layer and the winding angle Strength reserves to improve the utilization of materials. Therefore, the use of composite pipes is receiving increasing attention. The structure of our fiber-wound composite pipe is simplified by a mechanical model, which is divided into a winding layer and a base layer. According to the relevant regulations of thin-walled cylinders, the stresses derived from the inner and outer layers are different.

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