Characteristics of cross-wound pipe

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Characteristics of cross-wound pipe

    Cross-wound pipe is a kind of fiber-wound pipe. Its characteristics are similar to epoxy pipes. They are insulation products and heat-resistant insulation, but the use environment is different, the size is different, the specifications are different, and the form of expression is also different. the same.

Cross winding tube

     The cross-wound tube is changed by the fiberglass coiled core mold at a constant speed around its horizontal axis. The trolley with the guide wire frame is moved horizontally along the core mold according to the required speed ratio. The fiber yarn will move along the core mold. The tube body is coiled coiledly. The cross-coil is completed on the tube body and the head of the core mold. The coiling angle is generally 45 degrees to 75 degrees. The characteristic of cross coiling is that each fiber yarn piece corresponds to a point of cut on the circumference of the pole hole, and the same tends to contact adjacent yarn pieces without engagement, and the fiber yarn pieces that do not have the same tendency are engaged.

   The fiber coiling process of the fiber-wound cable tube and its coiling rules must be closely connected to the structural design. If the structure and dimensions of the product do not match, the arrangement rules of the fiber yarns on the surface of the core mold will not match, so the relative movement of the godet and the core die will not match. Than relationship. The guide wire head comes and goes once, the core mold should be turned more or less by one angle, and the 2 standard wires are overlapped without flaws. They are neither stacked nor separated from each other, and the core mold surface is evenly and continuously covered.

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