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About the characteristics of high-pressure glass steel pipe

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About the characteristics of high-pressure glass steel pipe
    Epoxy glass fiber tube is made by high-pressure glass tube production process, high-pressure glass tube is made of glass fiber winding process Compared with traditional steel pipes, glass steel pipes have the following advantages in addition to the characteristics of composite materials:
   1. Excellent corrosion resistance. It has good tolerance to various strong acid and alkali, inorganic salt solution, oxidizing medium, H2S, polymer solution, CO2 organic solvent and so on. Due to the resin-based glass fiber composite, the high-pressure glass steel pipe has excellent electrical insulation properties and does not cause electrochemical corrosion.
   2. Good fatigue resistance and long service life. Its design life can reach 30 ~ 50a.


    3. The inner wall is smooth and the medium conveying resistance is small. Due to the high surface finish of the mold, the Hassel-Williams coefficient of the inner wall of the pipe is as high as 150, and its non-fouling property makes the finish of the inner wall of the pipe not change with time.
   4. Good insulation performance. The thermal conductivity is only 10% of carbon steel and 30% of stainless steel. It can be used not only in many crude oil transportation occasions, but also without additional insulation layer, and it reduces the paraffin precipitation of crude oil in the conveying pipe.
   5. Easy to install and transport, free of maintenance. FRP has a density of about 2.0, which is about 1/4 of steel. It is very convenient to handle and install.
   6. Good antibacterial performance, not easy to parasitic organic matter. This is very advantageous for the polymer and microbial flooding techniques used in the secondary and tertiary recovery processes.
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